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Robey's Fabric's introduces the latest development in high end drapery lining product-Classic Napped - Building on the success of Classic Sateen. Classic Napped offeres the elegance of a premium sateen drapery lining with the added bonus of thermal and noise insulation. The sateen side of the fabric is finished with the familiar softened luster of Classic Sateen. On the back side, the fibers have been raised to give the fabric its luxurious hand and full body for enhanced drapability. Try it yourself and see!

Product Details
96 x 56 All Cotton, 1.33 Sateen
Softened Lustre
Crease reistant
Water and Stain Resistant
Thermal Insulation
Noise Insulation
54" Width
Available in Ivory or White
Put Up: 70 yards per roll

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 December, 2006.

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