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Home Catalog 118" Products (Sheer, Batiste) Batiste

Robey's has put our global sourcing expertise to work for you! Our customer! The latest example is our Royal Batiste - a premium sheer fabric that has 1,100 yarn twists per meter. This high twist yarn gives the sheer fabric a cleaner and more consistent appearance with a great hand and drape. The superior quality of Royal Batiste is being offered at a competitive price and is backed by the world class customer service of Robey's Fabrics. Royal Batiste is a can't miss value!

Fabric Specifications:
*76 x 76 - 100% polyester
*118" Width
*1,100 twists per meter
*Meets NFPA-701 Small Scale
*Available in white or ivory

Available Options:
This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 21 July, 2007.

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