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Home Catalog 118" Products (Sheer, Batiste) Wholesale

118 Wide, Finely textured semi-sheer fabric makes a casual but elegant statement. Polyester, Washable, Heavy enough to use alone or as an undertreatment with draperies.

Light weight semi transparent fabric used between a drape and window as a secondary window covering
Allows filtered light into a room while still providing privacy
Adds years to the life of your drapes by protecting them against damaging sun rot
118" width allows for seamless construction allows for custom, elegant look
This same fabric is used for tents for weddings and other drape able applications.
Choose from White, Off White, Ivory, Tan, Light Gold, Camel, Rust, Burgundy, Sage, Olive Green, and Black (put color in comment section)
50 yard rolls $3.00 per yard
if you need different yardage email or call office for quote

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 23 May, 2007.

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